Top 9 Team Building Activities Amsterdam: Corporate Bonding in the Heart of the City

As we head into the winter season, there are still endless options for Team Building Activities Amsterdam. If you’re a company seeking more than just routine team building exercises, the below activities should give you some great inspiration and direction for where to take your company to celebrate and connect as a team.

Embark on a journey of corporate camaraderie with our curated list of the top 8 corporate team building activities Amsterdam, where professional development meets the charm of this vibrant city. Join us in the heart of the city for an unforgettable fusion of business and pleasure, where the spirit of teamwork thrives against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s iconic landscapes for your Amsterdam team building.

Amsterdam Murder Mystery Dinner

Step into a medieval world of mystery and intrigue with the Amsterdam Murder Mystery Dinner—an immersive detective adventure that combines a delicious meal with a thrilling investigation for proper team building Amsterdam. Ideal for both corporate teams and friends, this unique team-building activity challenges participants to uncover a murderer among them, very similar to the Hollywood film Knives Out combining communication with teamwork.

Two people doing Murder Mystery during Team Building Activities Amsterdam
Amsterdam Murder Mystery Dinner

The medieval-themed setting provides an original and immersive way to explore Amsterdam’s rich history. Tailored for groups of all sizes, this activity ensures an unforgettable experience where participants must embrace their roles and collaborate to solve the mystery. With an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie, the Amsterdam Murder Mystery Dinner promises an evening of unforgettable fun and adventure.

This activity will have you and your colleagues likely confronted with scenarios that will force new connections and hopefully better relationships! Book your spot today for a night filled with mystery and intrigue for the best corporate team building activities Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Pub Quiz Dinner

Elevate your team building activities Amsterdam with the classic Amsterdam Pub Quiz. Step into the heart of Amsterdam for an immersive experience that seamlessly blends the warmth of a charming restaurant, the delight of complimentary drinks, and the culinary satisfaction of a truly mouthwatering burger meal for this great team building Amsterdam! The Amsterdam Pub Quiz Dinner not only caters to your desires but also offers an interactive and engaging night of team building in the dynamic atmosphere of this vibrant city.

People clinking wine glasses together at Amsterdam Pub Quiz Dinner
Amsterdam Pub Quiz Dinner

The catering experience is designed with your preferences in mind, ensuring a customisable journey that caters to various dietary needs, presenting alternatives and vegetarian options for a diverse and inclusive dining experience. What sets this event apart is its adaptability – go beyond the ordinary and tailor the quiz activity to align with your corporate identity. Enhance the team building experience by incorporating special rounds directly related to your company, adding a personalised touch that fosters camaraderie and enhances your team building Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Pub Quiz Boat

Drinks on the Amsterdam Pub Quiz Boat
Pub Quiz Boat

You can elevate your corporate team building activities Amsterdam Pub Quiz by doing it on a boat with the Amsterdam Boat Pub Quiz. Our quiz, spanning topics from sports to history and popular culture, seamlessly blends a touch of Dutch flair with international questions, ensuring engagement for everyone. As you cruise through Amsterdam’s waterways, immerse your team in a dynamic atmosphere where intellectual challenges meet team camaraderie.

The diverse range of quiz topics offers a refreshing break from the conventional, creating an engaging environment for your colleagues. Book the Amsterdam Boat Pub Quiz for a unique and entertaining corporate team-building event that combines knowledge, laughter, and the picturesque backdrop of Amsterdam’s iconic canals.

Cocktail Workshop

As far as team building activities Amsterdam the art of mixology with the Amsterdam Cocktail Workshop Experience is a must do! A fantastic an engaging journey into the world of cocktails excellent for corporate bonding. Led by professional mixologists this 90-minute session invites you and your company to create delicious cocktails while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

Learn how to craft the perfect drink along side your colleagues from professional shaking techniques to the meticulous blending of flavours, ensuring you leave with the skills and a slight buzz. Held in the popular Club Roots Amsterdam, the workshop combines fun and informative elements, creating a perfect group activity filled with laughter and shared moments.

Whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or a novice, the workshop caters to all skill levels, offering a step-by-step guide to concocting your favourite cocktails. The experience is ideal for various occasions, be it a corporate celebration or just general team building, providing an energetic and exciting environment for all participants.

Enhance your mixing skills, create lasting memories through foster team spirit with workshop. And if you’re looking for more adventures in Amsterdam, explore our diverse range of events, tours, and activities. Book today for an unforgettable day of laughter, camaraderie, and, of course, perfect cocktails for your team building activities Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Treasure Hunt

Someone holding treasure box during Amsterdam Treasure Hunt
Amsterdam Treasure Hunt

Amsterdam Treasure Hunt is a transcendent, mind-challenging interactive experience that will take your company around the city going beyond exploration, offering a unique blend of laughter learning. The engaging, humorous approach ensures that sightseeing transforms into a rip-roaring good time, where you’ll be so immersed in laughter that you won’t even realise you’re absorbing fascinating facts. Suitable for all types of corporate team building this experience promises an unforgettable and versatile


Ideal for team-building and corporate outings, Treasure Hunt Amsterdam fosters connection and strengthens relationships through shared laughter and excitement perfect for Amsterdam team building. So, gather your crew, lace up your walking shoes, and dive into the most hilariously captivating way to explore. Book your adventure today and unlock the hidden corners of the city, discovering Amsterdam with your friends and colleagues.

Amsterdam Big Party Boat

Amsterdam Big Blue Party Boat
Amsterdam Big Party Boat

Introducing the Amsterdam Big Party Boat, a versatile venue offering an exceptional setting for team building Amsterdam. With two expansive indoor bars, this floating marvel provides ample space to cater to various occasions, from business meetings to team-building extravaganzas. Tailor your experience by hosting a dinner party or transforming the boat into a lively dance venue.

The flexibility of the Amsterdam Big Party Boat allows you to customise the space to meet the unique needs of your corporate group. Imagine a dynamic blend of wild music and dancing at one end, while the other end provides a serene salon for your team to unwind. Regardless of the size of your group, this venue is adaptable to create the perfect atmosphere for your corporate event.

Step into the Big Party Boat, where not one but two inviting salons await, each boasting its own cozy bar. For those seeking a change of scenery, venture out to the upper deck and relish the spectacular view of Amsterdam’s waterways. Elevate your Amsterdam team building experience by choosing a venue that seamlessly combines flexibility, comfort, and stunning views—the Amsterdam Big Party Boat.

Urban Minigolf Amsterdam Walking Tour

Urban Minigolf Amsterdam
Amsterdam Urban Minigolf

Add a twist to your corporate team-building activities Amsterdam exploration with the Urban Minigolf Amsterdam Walking Tour—an unconventional yet fantastic adventure that defies traditional courses and locations. This unique experience allows your team to play a round of minigolf anywhere as you navigate through iconic Amsterdam sites like Museumplein, Vondelpark, Rembrandtplein, and Dam Square.

Equipped with a putter and soft golf ball, you’ll aim for specific targets, adding a playful and competitive edge to your exploration of the city streets. Perfect for golf enthusiasts seeking a novel way to discover Amsterdam, this activity combines the love for the sport with the thrill of exploration. With an experienced tour guide accompanying you, providing interesting facts and ensuring you stay on track, the Urban Minigolf Amsterdam challenge promises a memorable team-building experience where fun and competition intersect against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s vibrant scenery.

Amsterdam Bubble Football

Group of people playing bubble football.
Bubble Football Amsterdam

Elevate your Amsterdam team building in Amsterdam with the exhilarating and unique Amsterdam Bubble Football experience. Ideal for groups of friends, family, or colleagues, this activity guarantees unforgettable memories. Enclosed in large inflatable bubbles, participants can bump, tumble, and roll around without concern for injuries, fostering a dynamic and lighthearted atmosphere. The package includes Zorb Suits, the football, and a pitch, whether indoor or outdoor, accommodating a minimum group size of 8 people. A Bubble football referee ensures fair play and determines the ultimate winner.

This unconventional football variation encourages fouling, adding an element of hilarity to the intense matches as you collide and make you workmates go flying! Amsterdam Bubble Football offers a distinctive and exciting way to play soccer, allowing participants to dress up in massive bubbles and bounce around the pitch.

With a spacious playing field and the safety of the bubbles, this experience provides the perfect opportunity for corporate teams to unleash their inner child and enjoy a spirited and laughter-filled team building Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Brewery Tour

People enjoying Amsterdam Brewery Tour
Amsterdam Brewery Tour

Explore Amsterdam’s vibrant brewing scene to level up your corporate team building activities Amsterdam with a classic Brewery Tour Amsterdam . This ideal experience for beer enthusiasts and a unique addition to your Amsterdam adventure. The tour spans an immersive 3 to 4-hour journey filled with insights into the art and history of beer brewing. Beginning at the renowned Heineken Experience Brewery, participants delve into Amsterdam’s iconic beer culture, learning various brewing techniques and indulging in complimentary beers to set the perfect mood.

The exploration continues at Brouwerij De Prael, an independent brewery located near the De Wallen Red Light District, boasting an extensive selection of beers with diverse flavors, colors, and strengths, including unique seasonal brews. Led by a passionate beer enthusiast, the tour unfolds the fascinating renaissance of Amsterdam’s brewing scene since the 1980s, providing historical context and guiding participants in selecting the perfect beer.

All in all, there’s a large array of unique Amsterdam team building activities for the winter season. From immersive experiences like the Murder Mystery Dinner to dynamic options such as the Pub Quiz Boat and Bubble Football, these activities provide a perfect blend of camaraderie and enjoyment.

Whether exploring the city through a Treasure Hunt or customising experiences on the Big Party Boat, teams are sure to create lasting memories and strengthen their bonds. This winter, Amsterdam provides the ideal backdrop for corporate celebrations that go beyond the ordinary, fostering connection and teamwork in unforgettable ways.

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