About the Activity

Are you a ghost hunters or cryptic tale enthusiasts?  This is something for you!

Amsterdam grew up as a trading city; which meant sailors and prostitutes, in equal numbers. This was a period when the Dutch language had no word for “hygiene” and where plague, fire and floods were everyday threats to the lives of many.

Spooky Amsterdam churchOur professional guides will take you on a walking tour of the city, showing you the sights and telling you the grizzliest stories of Amsterdam’s darker history. You’ll see the oldest prisons, oldest brothels, and the place where countless criminals were publicly executed.

Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of Anne Frank as she peers out her bedroom window at the back of the Secret Annex. You might run into Helena, the famous ghost of Amsterdam. Maybe you’ll see the Trip brothers, the most powerful and influential weapons dealers of the seventeenth century, creeping about the home they had built for themselves hundreds of years ago.

After the tour, we will stop for a drink in one of Amsterdam’s oldest bars and end up at the either the Amsterdam Dungeon, or the Medieval Torture museum to finish off the day – depending on your grimmest desires!

In a city with a vast history of torture, death, and execution, there are plenty of spirits to bump into, come along and discover the spooky Amsterdam!


Professional Tour Guide
Tour of the city
One drink at the bar
Entrance to Medieval Torture museum