About the Activity

Karaoke is scientifically proven to be fun, and our Karaoke Booth Amsterdam is one of the best!

Come and try the Karaoke Booth Amsterdam, with great prices and an awesome atmosphere!

karaoke booth amsterdam

Everybody loves karaoke, especially with some drinks thrown in!

This type of entertainment has grown to be so popular that in 2011 a Karaoke World Championship was being held! Karaoke can be addictive sometimes. And the best part of it, is that everyone can take the microphone and sing. Your friends will have to listen to you give the classics a star  treatment (or not, as the case may be), as they wait for their turn to do the same!

Tired of crowded karaoke bars?

No singing experience required! 

Always waiting for your turn, paying a lot for just a few drinks? Then the Karaoke Booth Amsterdam is perfect for you!  You and a group of your friends will have an amazing time with our private booth. You don’t have to hurry up choosing your song or worrying whether if they put your song on the list or not. Come enjoy your private Karaoke Booth Amsterdam. The best way to go off the beaten path is to have some fun without overpaying for drinks!

The bar is located 2 minutes away from Central station and right in the heart Red Light District. Our guide will make sure to bring you to the right spot and make sure you will have a great time!

Add a stripper to this activity to make it more exciting!


Booth Rental for 3 or 6 hours
Over 75000 Songs to choose from
English Mainly and other languages

Duration: 3 or 6 hours
Minimum Group Size: N/a
Opening times Private Karaoke:
Sunday – Thursdays  16:00 or 19:00
Friday – Saturday 15:00 or 18:00
Location: Amsterdam City Centre


Add drinking tokens – set of minimum 10 tokens per person or more to be added


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