About the Activity

Are you looking for something new to do? Come and experience the thrill of VR at the gaming centre!

Get ready to discover a whole new world! Make it possible by using the cutting-edge technology of Virtual Reality (VR)! Take a tour of one hour in which you will experience a unique way to feel, touch, walk and fly all whilst being in the virtual reality world. We promise a mind-blowing experience.

Virtual reality with 360 degree motion

We have in total 5 unique experiences collected just for you that blow your mind. You will have the chance to go through all of them one by one to have the full experience:


  • Omni treadmills: Walk in every direction through different worlds being chased by Zombies popping up from everywhere!
  • Manus gloves: See your own hands in VR and play puzzle games with your own hands.
  • Rowing simulator: A world to discover by just rowing. In VR you will row trough different worlds like Babylon, underwater tropical rivers and fly, just by rowing!
  • Haptic feedback suit: Wear our haptic suit and play paintball in VR. Thanks to our vest you will feel the shots through your upper body. An incredible experience!


On top of all this, we offer also the Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. See the Robots coming from our own wall thanks to this magic glasses that you are wearing. And it’s up to you to save us by destroying the incoming robots.


For private reservations this activity requires a minimum of 10 players.

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