About the Activity

The Amsterdam Red Light Tour is an unmissable experience!

Looking for a culture shock?  Look no further.  Amsterdam’s Red Light Districts are unlike anything else in Europe.  These wild streets are home to some of the most unbelievable sights in the city.  Join our Amsterdam Red Light Tour and discover them for yourself!

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is a must see Amsterdam experience!

The oldest of the Red Light districts, De Wallen, is hundreds of years old.  It earned it’s reputation in the 16th century, when its streets were packed with sailors on shore leave.  Today its streets are packed with visitors to Amsterdam who want to see this historic and wild neighbourhood!  Join our Amsterdam Red Light Tour, led by one of our charming guides, to discover the hidden secrets of these steamy streets.

Amsterdam Red Light Tour

Enjoy a comprehensive tour of the Red Light with one of our friendly guides!  They will show you a unique and original side to these famous districts.  Our tour will lead you around the most popular spots in the Red Light District, offer interesting facts and amazing sights!  De Wallen has it all, from strip clubs to sex shows to cannabis information centres and museums of prostitution!

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Book our Amsterdam Red Light Tour today, and discover one of Amsterdam’s most famous districts!


Red Light District Tour
1 drink per person

Duration: 1,5 hours
Minimum Group Size: 8
Starting time: Daily on request