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Amsterdam Korean Karaoke for those big K-Pop fans!

Who doesn’t want to sing along to the hottest new tunes to come out of South Korea?  Featuring the best hits from all your favorite artists, including B1-AF, Naul, SHINee and the world famous Airport and Gyuri! Try out our Amsterdam Korean Karaoke!

A truly unmissable Amsterdam Experience, Amsterdam Korean Karaoke is undoubtedly a crucial part of any visit to Amsterdam!

FunAmsterdam know how to give you an authentic Dutch experience in the Netherlands glorious capital and what better way than to spend a night singing the most popular Korean pop songs!? Check out Amsterdam’s amazing karaoke scene and rock out to all your favourite tunes.

Amsterdam Korean Karaoke

Time to get funky, south eastern pacific style. Enjoy these iconic musical masterpieces, which have taken the world by storm. Sing along with all your favourite artists with our Korean Karaoke Night!

We’ve all rocked out to Awoo or It G Ma, songs that are an integral part of any millennials teen years. Relive the tracks that shaped your youth from those unforgettable names that have rocked the pop world to its foundations – Miss A, Primary, Iron & Choa, 4 Minute, Girl’s Generation and Keith Ape. Truly, these are the artists that have defined a generation.

Our Amsterdam Korean Karaoke night’s are an awesome way to make new friends and rock out to the awesome music of the Korean peninsula. We’ll even throw in 5 free drinks! Don’t miss out, book this fantastic K-Pop experience today!


Karaoke Booth for 3 hours

Duration: 3 hours
Minimum Group Size: N/A
Starting time: Daily before 19:30


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