About the Activity

Amsterdam Graffiti is very much part of the city life!

Amsterdam Graffiti – You see it from the train while riding it to work… It’s on the walls of derelict buildings when you walk your dog… Is it art, needed self-expression or rampant vandalism? Probably all of these.

amsterdam graffiti

Graffiti on one of the trains

Fun Amsterdam gives you the chance of being a graffiti artist for one day!

Without having to look behind you all the time for police patrol, you will have to chance to do your own masterpiece. And it’s safe too!

An expert graffiti gusher will be there to teach you about this street art form. Then, with cans of aerosol paint in your hand, you can spray away any frustration and latent artistic urges that may lurk somewhere inside. Make sure not to wear your best outfit, as you might spray some on yourself.

Alone or in groups? This activity is suitable for each!

Clad in protective gowns, you can work solo or in teams on chosen surfaces of stone, concrete, wood panels, stretched canvas or sails. Painting on canvases or panels also means that you would have souvenirs to take home. Gone is the need to carefully paint artistic shapes, as you can just blast away for an hour and a half. Share the same freedom that graffiti artists seek, as they sneak around the city to leave their own mark in the world.

The workshop is located just a couple of minutes walk from Amsterdam Centraal Station. If you are staying further away, we can arrange return transfers for you and your group at a reasonable price. You don’t have to wait for public transportation and barely get in because of the big crowd inside.


Aerosol paint
Surface materials
Professional graffiti gusher

Duration: 2 hours
Starting time: Daily on request
Minimum number of required persons: 6
Prices: 50 Euros p.p.