About the Activity

Come and experience the only Amsterdam VR Factory Gaming Room!

Get ready to discover a whole new world! We make it possible by using the cutting-edge technology of Virtual Reality (VR)! The Amsterdam VR Factory is perfect for any type of group, even family outings and a lot of fun for kids too!

Amsterdam VR Factory

What to expect?

You will experience a tour that takes one hour and you will experience it in a unique way – how to feel, touch, walk and fly in Virtual Reality, thanks to our simulators. We promise a mind-blowing experience in our Amsterdam VR Factory!

We got a total of 5 unique experiences and you can get to experience all of them or you can choose to stick to one in particular. Here is a look at our unique experiences:

  • Omni treadmills: You are able to walk in 360c and walk through different worlds while being chased by Zombies.
  • Manus gloves: See your own hands in VR and play puzzle games with your own hands.
  • Rowing simulator: A world to discover by just rowing. In VR you will row trough different worlds like Babylon, underwater tropical rivers, and sky lands by flying!
  • Haptic feedback suit: Wear our haptic suit and play paintball in VR. Thanks to our vest you will feel the shots through your upper body, which creates the authenticity of a real Paintball Game

On top of all this, we also offer the Augmented Reality (AR) experiences! See the Robots coming from our own walls thanks to this magic glasses that you are wearing. And it’s up to you to save us by destroying the incoming robots.


Walk around in the virtual world thanks to Omni. The device registers movements like walking, turning and squatting of the user, and translates this fluently into V.R.


Holodia rowing is a rowing machine, combined with V.R. glasses. This allows you to row through beautiful landscapes, getting an excellent workout as well, while activating your hearing sense the water makes while you row!


Using V.R. gloves gives it an even stronger feeling of having stepped into another (virtual) world. Haptic feedback and force feedback cause the gloves to make you actually feel objects!


Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? With this simulator, this is now possible! By flapping your hands on the simulator, you become a bird and you can fly over the city of New York! And because of added scent-extracts you can literally even smell the city!


When you experience something in VR, the TactSuit will make you feel it in one or more of the 50+ haptic feedback points!

AR Experience Amsterdam

The Hololens is simply crazy! It allows you to visualise digital content in the real world, this is also known as an Augmented Reality. An extra digital experience on top of the limitless real world!


1 hour of VR Gaming
Selection of VR Games
6 unique experiences
Switch games or stick to one!
Complimentary water

Want to organise a private event? Contact us for a customised quote!

Duration: 1 hour
Opening times: Daily from 13:00 to 22:00
Minimum Group Size: 1