Win €50 shopping money at webshop JUNIQE

Juniqe was born out of frustration at seeing the same old boring prints sold everywhere on a mass scale and a lack of alternatives on the market. Juniqe has an answer to that problem by selling eclectic fashion, fantastic art prints, accessories and more but not at extortionate prices so you won’t even be able […]

Amsterdam Calling

Amsterdam Calling is a YouTube Webseries that follows a group of local female students as they visit cool and unusual places and events around the city. American expat Jerry Goldberg produces the series through his production company Molen Blauw. ”After living in Amsterdam for a number of years I noticed an unmistakable, young energy here, […]

Farm-to-table and Farm-to-shaker

At Typhoon Hospitality we love new hospitality terms. We are always on the look out to enrich our professional and personal vocabulary with crazy and trending words. Our dictionaries are becoming heavier each year with trending terms like super foods, foodie, slow food, street food, green-eggs… the Cronut. One interesting new term on which we […]