Have you ever felt, when playing football, that you’re able to get just too close to your opponent?

That the game is too easy when you can see clearly? And why am I still standing up!? I should be thrown back to the floor whenever I make a tackle!

Well have no fear! Bubble Football Amsterdam is here! With a new take on football sure to sweep you off your feet!

Bubble Football is a fast pace; high energy; great fun game, where players fall, bounce, and re-bound their way to victory, all the while protected by their own personal bubble of cushion-y air! It incorporates many aspects of Amsterdam that have made the city famous over the years: Rolling, Tripping and Balls!

This game can be played indoors at a Sports Hall or outside in one of Amsterdam’s beautiful parks. No one cares where they are when they’re knocking this many balls together!

So if you want to cover yourself in rubber and play with some balls, before heading to the Blue Light District, why not have a go at Bubble Football?

Preparing for you Bubble Football Amsterdam Game

It is recommended that you wear Sports Kit for your game. It is an exhilarating game and you’ll likely come out of it feeling worn out and in need of a shower!

Bubbles, Goals and Footballs are provided… Weed and Beer are not!

You will fall (be pushed) over a lot, so make sure you bring your Sense of Humour with you!

Bubble Footballbubble-football-1024x681

More information and booking details can be found at https://funamsterdam.com/amsterdam/bubble-football/