About the Activity

Amsterdam Stag Arrest

Make Your Stag’s Last Nights of Freedom Unforgettable! 

Has the future groom been a naughty boy?

We will arrange this entire event with your group leader. You and your group will head down to a popular Amsterdam bar or restaurant, where the stag will think you are heading out for some light refreshments or maybe a meal. Little does he know that you have a big surprise waiting for him! Once you are inside, a couple of our staff members will cause a disturbance – they will confront the stag and start a confrontation. The stag will then be pulled into a private room, where your stag will be treated to an amazing striptease – he’ll only get the best care once he is under arrest!

The stag arrest can be held in one of our central locations or you can opt for our officer to come looking for the stag at your accommodation. The standard costume is a sexy police outfit but the experience can be changed to fit your stag’s ideal fantasy –  Want him to get a hot surprise from a sexy hitchhiker? Be rescued by a smoking hot fire-woman? Think it would be fun to have you hotel maid suddenly strip for your friend? We can arrange it all!

This is one of the most popular activities for Stag parties in Amsterdam. Exotic dancers are an Amsterdam specialty and yours will give you a show you won’t see anywhere else in Europe!

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So, what are you still waiting for? Book the Amsterdam Stag Arrest today!


Stag Arrest
Striptease show
Private room inside a bar

Duration: Depending on your stay
Strip Show (15 – 20 minutes)
Starting time: Daily on request