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Our Scooter Rental Amsterdam Service is the most competitive in the city – find a better quote and we’ll beat it!

A scooter is one of the best ways to see Amsterdam!  Enjoy the flexibility of zipping around the city in minutes.  It also allows you to visit the city outskirts and see more far flung attractions like Amsterdamse Bos Forest! The best way to see Amsterdam and get out of the center is with a Scooter Rental Amsterdam service!


scooter rental amsterdamOur scooters are comfortable and safe!

We get fresh machines each year to ensure that you’re riding a fresh performance scooter. For rainy and windy days we have windshields that can be fitted on request!

Our scooters are easy to drive and so are great for both experts and beginners! Our scooters can support up to 2 people, so they are great for couples, or just if you’d to cut the costs with a friend!

Each scooter has a small trunk located beneath the seat, and we provide a free chain to secure the bike when you’re not on it.

Speed through the Dutch capital with a scooter rental Amsterdam!

While bikes are traditional in Amsterdam, a scooter lets you cover more ground quickly.  This makes them an excellent choice if you are only here for a couple of days, lending you the speed to see more of our beautiful city!  Amsterdam is very bike and scooter friendly and the city has more than 33,000 bike paths!  Our scooters are fitted with speed inhibitors so you don’t need to worry about breaking the speed limits.

Wondering where to go first on your scooter?  Why not check out our activities page and see what kind of awesome events and activities Amsterdam has to offer?


Scooter Rental
Full tank of Gas
Liability insurance for damage
Safe illumination
Optional: Windshield
Optional: Lock


Please note that there is deposit of 250 Euros that has do be made before the scooter is rented out. This will be returned back if the scooter is not damaged after handing it in. This can be made by Credit Card or payment in Cash.

FUNAMSTERDAM.COM is an Amsterdam based company and is the owner and operator of the scooters

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to rent a scooter ?

We require a 250 euro deposit which we either block on your Credit/Debit/Pin Card, and release it when you return the scooter undamaged, or a 250 euro cash deposit. You also need a driving license and/or ID.

Where can I pick the scooter ?

You can pick up the scooter at our Shop on Spuistraat 74 which is 4 minute walk from central station. We are open 7 Days per Week from 10.00 to 19:00.

Please note we advise people to book the scooter at least 1 week in advance, due to limited availability.


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