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Discover the History of the sex industry in the Red Light Secrets Museum Amsterdam!

Discover the secrets of Amsterdam’s most notorious neighbourhood while visiting the world’s only  museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets Museum Amsterdam.

Take a look behind the scenes of the oldest profession in the world

Red Light Secrets Museum Amsterdam

Experience what it feels like to take a seat behind one of the famous red light windows. The ladies themselves will tell you the moving stories of their pursuit of their hopes and dreams, and also the trials and challenges the faced in their lives.  This fascinating museum offers an insight into the world of prostitution.  It is a remarkable opportunity to learn more about one of the most famous but misunderstood elements of Amsterdam’s culture

Have you ever wondered how did the Red Light District originate?

The museum exhibition includes a short film, which will introduce you to the centuries old history of de Wallen; far more than just a neighbourhood of prostitution.  You will also get the chance to find out more about the “Blue Light” district where she-males work, and discover many surprising facts.

Discover the origins of the Red light district!

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District!  You’ll learn the history of prostitution in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.  You can also learn how the laws and attitudes toward prostitution have changed over time.  There is also information on how prostitutes inspired some of the most famous painters and works of art that are still appreciated today.

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Spuistraat 74  Amsterdam

Opening hours:

Daily: 11:00 – 0:00


13 Euros per person

Please book 24 hours in advance or call us for instant tickets!