About the Activity

Are you looking to boost your adrenaline? Then Quad Biking Amsterdam is definitely for you!

For those who like to match skill, speed and adrenaline, Quad Biking Amsterdam an exciting way to combine an extreme test of driving with the challenges of navigating natural outdoor terrain.  If you’re looking to show off your driving techniques, then the Quad Biking Amsterdam is perfect for you!

This is the perfect activity for adrenaline Junkies!

quad biking amsterdam

We’ll put you in the driver seat of a high suspension 350cc quad bike that will handle those lumps and bumps as you traverse the course at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour – this is no walk in the park! But have no fear – our expert instructors will teach you how to handle your quad bike safely and like a pro.  Safety equipment is mandatory even for pro quad bikers, and the event operates strictly within the limits of safety.  Our instructors will carefully explain the rules and regulations at the beginning of the workshop, and will make sure that you remain safe and sound as you experience the wild excitement of charging across the natural terrain of the course.

You’ll recieve expert instruction on safety and technique!

After a thorough introduction and safety procedure session, you will get to learn how to use your Quad bikes while speeding over 15 acres of rough off-road terrain, putting those bikes to the test! While you test the bike, it will test you – do you have the skills and abilities to fully master your quad?

Ideal for groups of any size!

The Quad Biking Amsterdam Experience provides one quad per three people, so you’ll take it in turns to burn rubber and smash each other’s time records. Unleash hell and tear the ground to shreds in this one and a half hour long activity.

This activity is perfect for big or small groups. It is especially suited for those looking for an exciting, adrenaline based adventure, but also craving the glorious outdoors.

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please note:
  • We recommend booking this activity 24 hours in advance.
  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you to your activity, including your voucher.
Book Quad Biking Amsterdam now for the ride of your life!


350 cc quad bikes
Safety briefing
Professional instructor

Duration: Depending on package
Starting time: Daily on request

Minimum Group Size:

9 persons for 30 minutes experience*
8 persons for 45 minutes experience**
5 persons for 90 minutes experience

*Each person will get to drive 30 minutes on the quad
**Each person will get to drive 45 minutes on the quad


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