About the Activity

Mighty Smurf is Back in Town

 Mighty Smurf’s Amsterdam Bar Crawl is a drinking marathon which can lay out men several times his size.  Can you smurf your drink like Mighty?  Probably not, but it’s fun to try!

 Mighty the body building Smurf is back in Amsterdam, and he does not want in your excuses!

Back by popular demand is Mighty Smurf’s Amsterdam Bar Crawl! He will lead you on a tour of some of the best bars in and around Amsterdam’s De Wallen Red Light District. Mighty handcuffs himself to the guest of honour and for the rest of the night he or she is locked to this fearsome smurf machine. Mighty will take you from place to place and subject you to relentless drinking games. Participation is mandatory – Mighty doesn’t want any excuses. Any lip (real or perceived) will result in the groom being forced through a series of physical challenges – keep up or drop and smurf Mighty Mighty Smurf's Amsterdam Bar Crawltwenty!

Mighty left Smurf Village back in 2010, because, frankly, he was scaring them smurfless. Mighty benches a smurftastic 120 kilos. He left Smurf Village, stopping briefly to beat the smurf out of Gargamel, and headed straight for Amsterdam. Since then he’s an expert on our fair city and can smurf his way through almost every bar in the city.





“Leave no stone unsmurfed” – Mighty. He brings that party expertise to your Mighty Smurf Bar Crawl!

Fun Amsterdam discovered Mighty roaming the city, drinking triple strength Dutch beer and threatening to smurf passersby. And Mighty is an Amsterdam expert and he loves nothing better than dragging helpless grooms from bar to bar, forcing them through the most intensive drinking session they have ever seen.  Mighty’s attitude toward his tours is similar to his work out regime – not for the weak of heart (or liver). And as you crash from bar to bar Mighty will regal you with tales of his Amsterdam exploits, considerably more lively than your average episode of The Smurfs.

Don’t miss your chance to smurf Amsterdam with Mighty Smurf’s Amsterdam Bar Crawl!

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Professional Bar Guide and Entertainer
3 Hour Bar Tour
1 bottle worth of shots in the first bar
Guest of honour humiliation on request

Duration:  3 hours
Minimum Group Size: 1
Starting time: Please, ask for availability here


No food on this tour
Other drinks are not included