About the Activity

Try our Didgeridoo Amsterdam workshop for a truly original musical experience!

Always wanted to master the digeridoo?  Who hasn’t?  Come and enjoy our fun workshop while learning how to “didge” like a pro on with our Didgeridoo Amsterdam Workshop.

Can you master the digeridoo?

The digeridoo is a wind instrument, which was developed by the Northern Indigenous Australians about 1500 years ago. It has grown to be a popular cultural and musical item in modern time, and not only in Australia but worldwide.  It’s music is normally described as being a simi;lar to that of a wooden trumpet or even a drone pipe.  Musicologists define this instrument as a brass aerophone.

Check out this guys playing the didgeridoo on Damrak street in Amsterdam!

You play didgeridoo or you want to learn? Why not try our Amsterdam Digeridoo Workshop, an authentic beatbox didge experience?  Amsterdam has a great didge community and even an awesome didge shop! Depending on your level we’ll find the perfect insturctor for you.

Didging has awesome health benefits!

In 2005, a study has found that playing and practising the the didgeridoo will help reduce snoring and sleep apnea. This happens while playing; you strengthen your upper airway muscles and it won’t collapse during your sleep anymore. Another study, in 2010, showed developments for the asthmatic breathers.

Anyone can do it!

Of course! If you are willing to learn and play the didgeridoo, you are welcome to invite your friends too! Then, you can do a competition and might even win a special prize at the end!

If you want to see more videos, check out these links of  our professional guide: www.youtube.com/eyesful

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Please note:
  • We recommend booking this activity at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you to your workshop, including your voucher.


Experienced Didgeridoo player
1 hour minimum lesson
Free tea and soft drink
Tour to the aboriginal art gallery

Workshop can happen in the park on sunny days.

Duration: minimum 1 hour
Starting time: Daily on request
Minimum Group Size: 6