About the Activity

Try out the new craze, taking the world by storm- BLOKART Amsterdam!

The Amsterdam Blokart adventure is an extreme sports experience like no other, and the Netherlands flat terrain and high wind speeds are perfect for this amazing new racing experience, so book a Blokart Amsterdam Day now!

Blokart Amsterdam is a wild new extreme sport!

Hailing from New Zealand (like many of the worlds wackiest ideas), Blokarting harnesses the power of the wind to blast custom built karts along at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. For those dare devil thrill seekers, this is the activity for you!  Our professional instructors will help you to master these amazing machines, and it won’t be long before you’re racing your friends across some of Amsterdam’s beautiful beaches!  Our Blo-Kart instructors can help even an absolute beginner to handle the wind and speeds safely and successfully.

Dutch weather favours of this extreme sport, as it requires windy days for practice. Wind speeds in Amsterdam often average at around 30kmph, and combined with the clear, sunny, summer days and glorious beaches, this is the perfect location to try Blo-Kart Amsterdam!

BBQ can be arranged upon request! So, why not spend a day on the beach, chill out and enjoy some great food between speeding across the sands in one of our Blokarts? 

Everyone loves beach sport s, and everyone loves a good BBQ and drinks!  We have the ideal solution.  Just ask us and we’ll send a BBQ over along with one of our BBQ masters to cook for you.  Enjoy a full day at the beach with your friends and make the best out of it, while we provide the fun AND the food!

Please note:
  • We recommend booking this activity at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please bring all relevent documentation with you to your acitvity, including your voucher.


Blokart hire
Beach location
Tuition races
Safety equipment

Blokarting cannot take place unless the wind conditions are right. Please, ask for details. In case there is no wind, you can do Electric Skateboarding at the same location.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Starting time: Daily on request
Minimum Group Size: 8

Not enough people? Get in touch with us for a special price!

Packages (from 8 persons):

Blokart X – Welcome drink, land sailing 1,5 hours, open bar (beer/wine/soft drinks) for one hour, snacks
Blokart XL – Welcome drink, land sailing 1,5 hours, open bar (beer/wine/soft drinks) for one hour, XXL Hamburger
Blokart XXL – Welcome drink, land sailing 1,5 hours, energybreak, electric skateboarding, open bar (bee/wine/soft drinks) for one hour, XXL Hamburger


1,5 hours land sailing 40 Euros per person
Blokart X 57 Euros per person
Blokart XL 78.50 Euros per person
Blokart XXL 82 Euros per person