About the Activity

Our Amsterdam in World War II Tour reveals the story of a city struggling to survive in a continent torn apart by war

Join us on our Amsterdam in World War II Tour, and journey into Amsterdam’s troubled past!

 Amsterdam was occupied from 1940 to 1945, becoming the scene of a terrifying human history.

Nazi troops entered Amsterdam on 16 of May 1940, the beginning of the most harrowing and difficult 5 years of Amsterdam’s history. Our Amsterdam in World War II Tour will show you some of the most historic locations in the city that will bring to life this unique and frightening period of Amsterdam’s history. Led by one of our experienced professional tour guides, this walking tour covers many of the most historic locations from the occupation. Stops include the Anne Frank House, the site of Annick Van Hardeveld’s murder and the Holland Schouwburg Memorial – the Amsterdam in World War II Tour aims to give participants a true sense of the struggle of Amsterdammers during the greatest war of the twentieth century.

Amsterdam in World War II Tour

The Amsterdam in World War II Walking Tour shows you what life was like for Amsterdammers during the occupation

Major themes of the tour include the impact of the Second World War on Amsterdam’s Jewish community, and Dutch resistance. Learn about how the Dutch attempted to fight back against their Nazi invaders, and how the Jewish community fell victim to their rapacious hate. Our tour stops at the site of several crucial moments in Amsterdam’s history. These include the Dam Square Massacre and a former Nazi deportation center in the Jewish District.

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  • We advise booking this activity at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Please bring any relevant documentation with you to your meeting point.
  • Please note that transport to, from and during the during is not covered in the price.
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Professional Guide
3 to 4 hour walking tour

Duration: Depending on package
Departure Time: Daily before 17:15