About the Activity

Our Amsterdam Traditional Dutch Costume Shoot is Great Laugh!

You’ll never forget playing dress up in authentic Dutch costumes with our hilarious Amsterdam Traditional Dutch Costume Shoot!

Enjoy a day playing dress up

This is a great activity for groups large and small no matter what their reason for being in Amsterdam. You’ll love the opportunity to play dress up in authentic Dutch farmers outfits! There are costumes for both men and women, but you might think it is funnier to mix and match! This is the perfect activity for groups that want a funny keepsake from their time in Amsterdam. You’ll have a great laugh and of course you’ll get to keep a big photo of all the fun! This is probably the most fun you can have dressed up as an old Dutch farmer or milkmaid.

Enjoy a session with a professional photographer!

They will make sure that you get the perfect picture. The venue is fully equipped with props and sets, all with an authentic Dutch theme. This is a great way to get a memorable memento of your time in Amsterdam. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a Dutch farmer from the mid 18th century and pose with all their friends? Book now to avoid the staggering competition for slots at this must-do activity.

Optional Dutch tasting session

For a slight increase in cost you can enjoy a traditional Dutch tasting session! This includes a range of delicious Dutch snacks and drinks:

  • 1 glass of Dutch jenever
  • 1 glass of Boerenjongens
  • Kaasblokjes with tafelzuur

This is a great way to sample some authentic Dutch culture. Try these luxurious Dutch treats and soak up a little of the local culture!

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Please note:

  • We recommend booking this activity 24 hours in advance as it is incredibly popular.


Dress up costumes
Photo shoot
One big sized print per person

Duration: Depends on size of group
Minimum Group Size: N/A
Location: Amsterdam City Centre