About the Activity

Let us take you on an incredible Amsterdam Street Food Adventure through the streets of the city!

Amsterdam’s streets are filled with food stalls and markets, serving Dutch specialties.  Traditional pancakes, herring, waffles, and cheeses can be found round every corner. In this 2.5-hour Amsterdam Street Food Adventure you’ll discover the hidden gems of Amsterdam’s food scene as we stop off at different and unique vendors.

You’ll want to arrive for our Amsterdam Street Food Adventure with an empty stomach – otherwise you might explode at the end!

Experience the authentic flavours of Holland and learn the story behind each of them! We will provide 6 samples to give you a taste of both traditional and modern Dutch cuisine. On this street food tour, you will be introduced to some of the most delicious Dutch sample food. These are unique to the country, and include ubiquitous Amsterdam favourites such as:

amsterdam street food

Nieuwe haring (herring)

Kibbeling (fried fish)

Traditional Dutch pancakes

Authentic Dutch Fries (with mayo/peanut butter)

Stroopwaffles (caramel waffles)

Poffertjes (similar to pancakes)


amsterdam street food


Sharing the delicious flavours of Amsterdam is a passion of ours!

We love to share the unique food of Amsterdam with visitors, the dishes we know and adore. The family run street food shops and off the beaten path gems of daily Amsterdam life… Most of our groups can’t get enough of the street food treats.

They say that Amsterdam is one of the few cities with such delightful and nourishing food! So take a walk with us and savour the tastes of our city’s street food while you enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam.

Come with us on our Street Food Adventure and discover more about our Traditional Dutch Food! 


Walking tour of the city
Professional tour guide
6 samples

Duration: 2.5 hours
Starting time: Daily before 15:00
Minimum Group Size: 4 people