About the Activity

Amsterdam Smurfette Bar Crawl

There is nothing worse than turning up in an unfamiliar city and spending all night wandering the streets looking for somewhere suitable to have a few drinks. So, why not have your very own Amsterdam Smurfette Bar Crawl to show you your way around?  She will take you and your group on an unforgettable adventure around the best bars in Amsterdam.

Smurfette will never leave the stags side!

Smurfette will never leave the stag’s side!

The Smurfette will meet your group in a city centre bar, where she will handcuff herself to the unsuspecting stag. For the next three hours as our experienced guide takes your group around the best bars in the Red Light District, the blue one remain attached to the stag, making sure he does not sober up! Wherever he goes, she comes along… and there is no getting away!

With the Smurfette by the bachelor’s side, there is no way that the group can get lost or split through the busy alleys of Amsterdam. It is easy to recognise her and even easier to hear her! She will take good care of each and every one of you.

Imagine your stag ordering drinks at the bar with Smurfette on his arm, or having dinner with the little blue one sitting on his lap!  Smurfette will challenge (by which we mean force) the stag to complete humiliating assignments – watch through tears of laughter as your friend is attempts to hit on a hot girl with the grinning dwarf holding his hand!

At the end of the night, the little blue one will do the bachelor a farewell performance. After all, good things come in small packages.

This never fails to be entertaining, and makes for a great night out, so BOOK NOW!


1 bottle worth of shots in the first bar
Entertainer and singer
Humiliate the stag on request

Groups above 14 persons will get guide/s depending on the group size.

Duration: 3 hours
Starting time: 
Please ask for availability here