About the Activity

Amsterdam Roly Poly Strip Show

Do you want to experience something different? Or simply surprise your stag to new extremes. Which ever one, the Amsterdam Roly Poly Strip show will prove more memorable than most activities. Why not treat your lucky friend to a show from one of our big sexy ladies that will surely surprise them.

Amsterdam Roly Poly Strip Show

                                                                                             I came in like Wrecking Ball!

You want your stag to have the best memories?

We have the best solution for you! While you are having fun during his last day of freedom, you can also prank him so he will never forget! This is a fun and a mad way to surprise him. Do you think he will say no to our big momma?

What will he get?

What he deserves! Just joking. The Roly Poly stripper will treat you to a show revealing her luscious curves. The stag will undoubtably been blown away by the experience! You want her to take out her whip and teach him a lesson? Also possible! Everything that you image, we can do it for your stag! After all.. He’s your best buddy, isn’t he?

Our Amsterdam Roly Poly Strip Show is a great idea for all guys groups!

Is your friend having a birthday party and you still don’t know what to buy him? You want to make him the best birthday present and make sure he will never forget it? You’re on the right spot! Our Roly Poly Stripper can make the surprise appearance and give him a show he will always remember!

Is your friend getting divorced and you want to make his time better? Our Roly Poly Stripper can be very nice to him! Also, this is a perfect opportunity to make him smile again and really gain confidence!


10 to 15 minutes strip show
Humiliate the stag on request