About the Activity

The Amsterdam Pain Game is the perfect stag prank!

They say that there is no pleasure without pain, and that without pain you can’t gain.  We’re not sure if our Amsterdam Pain Game event disproves either of these parables or not – but it is bloody entertaining to watch!

Our Amsterdam pain game is based upon the simple premise that the stag is guilty of having become engaged.  This disgraceful Faux Pas is an odious betrayal of the boys, who are obviously the only proper recipients of the stag’s loyalty and affection.  This heinous treason must be punished, but how?  If we’re honest, most of us lack the resources to launch a full scale reprisal to the insult that is one of our friends getting married.  Feeling frustrated by the stag’s smug “happily ever after” attitude, but unable to take vengeance on a scale that seems appropriate?  FunAmsterdam has you covered.  Our pain game is all about punishment.

Amsterdam Pain Game

Our pain game is hosted by a Miss Mystery, our award winning drag queen torture mistress.  The unsuspecting (we assume) stag will be handed over to her tender mercies, but beware because participation in the pain game is mandatory.  Caroline will challenge you to answer questions and earn points – failing to answer correctly will mean picking a pain game card, which will result in some kind of horrible, possibly whip orientated punishment.

Watch through tears of mirth as the stag is soundly thrashed by a domineering drag queen!  Who doesn’t want to see that happen to one of their best friends? On the flip side, brace yourself for the same treatment – the pain game is a fickle mistress.  Perhaps you’ll get the chance to laugh at the groom as he is given a sound thrashing for daring to get married, but on the other hand you may endure years of mockery from the stag following your being roundly whipped by Miss Mystery.

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Do you dare to try the Amsterdam Pain Game?


Female Game Host
1 hour of Pain Game

Duration: 1 hour
Starting time: Daily on request