About the Activity

Fun Amsterdam proudly presents Amsterdam Oil Wrestling – probably the best thing ever.

We here at FunAmsterdam believe that happiness can be easily achieved through a simple equation: oil + super hot stripper + wrestling = Amsterdam oil wrestling (awesomeness).  Stop us if we go wrong.

Possibly the greatest stag event ever!

Amsterdam oil wrestling

Amsterdam Oil Wrestling basically does exactly what it says on the tin. We will set up your arena in a popular venue in the city center. We’ll treat each member of your group to a free beer or soft drink, while we fill the arena with large amounts of oil. Then we’ll have a couple of our hottest dancers strip down to bikinis and wrestle each other for your entertainment!

There isn’t really an analogy for how incredibly awesome this activity is – the last place it was possible to party like this was the Roman Empire. Imagine sitting comfortably with a cold beer, enjoying some tasteful music, and watching two of the hottest girls you have ever seen wrestle one another in a large pool of oil. The key to what makes this activity so much fun is very simple – combining super hot strippers with oil wrestling and beer is a fail safe way to have an amazing time. Fact.

Amsterdam Oil Wrestling is the ultimate stag event!

This is THE activity to get for your stag do. You’ll watch our two sexy ladies wrestle for two rounds, then once they have brushed up on their technique you can throw the lucky, lucky stag in to enjoy their tender mercies. Watch and laugh as your friend is overpowered by two oil drenched hotties – something we should all experience before getting married! Honestly, if you don’t give the groom the opportunity to try this you can consider yourself a failure as a groomsman. Don’t think. Book. Book now.

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  • We recommend booking this activity 24 hours in advance.
  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you to your activity, including your voucher.


2 Strippers
15-20 minutes of wrestling with the stag and best man
Welcome beer

Duration: 30 minutes
Minimum Group Size: 10
Starting time: Daily on request


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