About the Activity

Amsterdam is an enchanting city, so what better way to celebrate you visit than with our Amsterdam Magic workshop?

Led by an expert magicians our Amsterdam Magic workshop will make a wizard out of you!  Learn the secrets of the master magicians to amaze your friends and confound your enemies!

Our Amsterdam Magic Workshop is a perfect event for a really magical Amsterdam experience. This exciting workshop is led by a real magician, an expert performer who also doubles as a friendly teacher! Although the tricks you will be shown during this one hour and a half workshop may seem tricky (pun intended), don’t fear – by the end you’ll be casting spells like you’re Harry Potter!

We all love a little magic, but hardly any of us have the skills to make a real magic trick happen. With this fantastic master class you’ll be taught the tricks of the trade by a professional magician. The tricks will focus on the use of simple objects, so they can easily be performed wherever you are!

Amsterdam Magic Workshop

This workshop is perfect for both large groups and is a excellent way to make some unforgettable memories of your trip to Amsterdam. With the tricks you learn at our Amsterdam Magic Workshop you’ll be able to be the center of attention at any occasion. Enjoy an afternoon of exciting magical demonstrations and the opportunity to learn how to perform magic tricks yourself!

Our instructor will also teach you some magician’s secrets about the psychology of magic. They teach you some more advanced tricks and will make you the life and soul of the party!

We have an Amsterdam activity to suit everyone! No matter what you’re into, we have you covered! Looking for more exciting things to do in our great city? Check out our activities page for more events and attractions!


1.5 hour Amsterdam Magic Workshop
Expert Magician instructor and entertainer

Duration: 1,5 hours
Minimum Group Size: 15
Starting time: Daily on request