About the Activity

Make your trip to Amsterdam permanent with the Amsterdam Lucky Tattoo

Never forget your time in the spectacular city with this exciting activity

Did you and your friends have an incredible trip to Amsterdam? Do you want to remember it for the rest of your life? Then the Amsterdam Lucky Tattoo is for you! With this activity you will be forever connected with your friends and Amsterdam.

Everyone always says that tattoos need to have “meaning”, well we at FunAmsterdam can think of hundreds of reasons why a tattoo of amsterdam would be a good idea, for example for the reason that  Amsterdam is the best city in the whole wide world!

How Does it Work?

Have we convinced you? Great, here is how it works. First, you and your friends will pick your tattoo out of a gum ball machine. In this gum ball machine, there is a selection of 120 small tattoos  (ca 2.5 x 2.5) all relating to Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Once you have your design,  you will be inked up by a professional tattoo artist. Three people can be tattooed by three different artists at the same time. When you are all done, you will be able to cherish your new tat forever and ever! Think about sharing this fun and exciting story with your grandkids.

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  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you, including your voucher, to your departure location.
  • Groups smaller than 6 must contact the booking department and inquire for a price.


Professional Tattoo Artist
Gum Ball Machine with Your Selection of 120 Tattoo Designs

Duration: 1.5 hours
Minimum Group Size: 6
Starting Time: Daily on Request
Departure Location: Spuistraat 74