About the Activity

Put down the control pad, pick up one of our lasers and join our Amsterdam Laser Tag Battle!

Perfect for groups who prefer exciting, physical activities, our Amsterdam Laser Tag Battle is awesome fun.  Just bring you, your friends, and if possible a few scores to settle!

Laser tag is becoming increasingly popular, and we can see why!  Our Amsterdam Laser Battle Activity is designed to offer the thrill of paint-balling, without requiring as much time or organisation (or bruises!).  We’ll take you down to the best Laser Tag center in Amsterdam, featuring a 450m squared arena  capable of hosting battles with up to twenty people!

Amsterdam Laser Tag Battle

To start of with you’ll be given some brief guide lines by a member of staff, and then you will enter the instruction room to receive your missions!  Then you move through to the loading room to suit up with a futuristic LED vest and laser gun, then it’s into the arena!  After your battles are over you’ll be given a score sheet that you can compare with your friends to see who’s the deadliest laser warrior!

This activity is great for groups of all shapes and sizes!

For adults the location of the arena and the ease of organising the activity is a huge plus, allowing you to work it into a busy schedule as you see everything our beautiful city has to offer.  For Family groups, this activity cannot fail to delight children!  Try squeezing an hour in our Amsterdam Laser Battle between museums and tours to give the youngsters a little boost in excitement!

We’ll provide you with 3 free games of 12 minutes each, as well as two free drinks and 3 free snacks per person to keep your energy up, as well as providing a guide to show you how to get to the arena.  Book our Amsterdam Laser Battle now, and get in on the action!

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  • We reccomend booking this activity 24 hours in advance.
  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you to your activity, including your voucher.


2 rounds of each 15 minutes laser battle
2 beers per person

Duration: Depending on your stay
Starting time: Daily on request
Minimum Group Size: 6
Maximum Group Size: 20