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Steeped in history, the Amsterdam Jewish Quarter is unmissable for those seeking to understand the history of our beautiful city and all of Europe

Amsterdam’s status as a haven for the Jewish community was established during the 16th century

That was when thousands of Spanish and Portuguese Jews fled persecution they suffered in the Iberian peninsula during the 15th century.  They came to Amsterdam, already famous as a bastion of liberality and tolerance.  Unlike many other cities, Amsterdam did not establish a Jewish ghetto, and arriving Jews developed their own community in the eastern part of the old medieval city center.  Here they developed a more distinct culture which drew on Spanish and Portuguese tradition.  The Sephardic community referred to Amsterdam as the “Jerusalem of the West”, a reflection of the sense of belonging they achieved here.

The Jewish quarter is proud to have been the birthplace of many of Amsterdam’s most famous and brilliant sons and daughters

Their contributions to science, philosophy and the arts left an incredible legacy.  In 1632 Benedito de Spinoza was born here, a brilliant philosopher whose thought on liberal philosophy and politics has inspired the systems of liberal democratic government of today.  In the late 17th century the Jewish community received a large influx of Ashkenazim Jews from eastern Europe.  This further developed its inimitable character.  Anne Frank, whose diary gives an amazing perspective on the suffering of the Jews during the holocaust, belonged to this community.

During the Second World War more than 80% of the Jewish community in Amsterdam was destroyed.

The suffering of the Jewish community during this period is writ large in the monuments and museums of the area.  Howevr this is not the defining aspect of this beautiful neighbourhood.  Here the dominant ethos is of survival, and success.  The Jewish community has gone from strength to strength, recovering from the terror of the war and emerging as a stronger, prouder community.  A tour of the Jewish quarter will leave you in no doubt of the indomitable will and strength of Amsterdam’s Jewish Quarter.

See the historic sites where Amsterdam’s Jewish community rose and tragically fell

The rich history of the Amsterdam Jewish Quarter is perfectly displayed in the many sights and venues that are unforgettable for anyone passionate about the history of the city.  The Jewish Cultural Quarter is home to some of Amsterdam’s most popular and famous attractions such as:

  • Jewish Historical Museum
    A trend setting museum housed in four synagogues.  The museum’s large multimedia collection ranges from paintings to 3D presentations and it always offers one or two temporary exhibitions.
  • JHM Children’s Museum
    Set inside the Jewish Historical Museum, this clever institution provides fun ways for children to learn about Jewish history and heritage.
  • The Portuguese Synagogue
    In the center of the Jewish Quarter stands the magnificent Portuguese Synagogue, built in 1675.  This spectacular building boasts a preserved 17th century interior and the Ets Haim – the oldest functioning Jewish library in the world.
  • Hollandsche Schouwburg (National Holocaust Memorial), a moving historic monument.
    The Hollandsche Schouwburg theatre acted as a deportation center during the Second World War.  Thousands of people waited there, uncertain of their fate, before being deported to concentration camps.  Today the building is an unmissable memorial to those lost, and houses a memorial wall and exhibition on the Holocaust in the Netherlands.
  • Waterlooplein
    a long-running, open-air flea market that was the central 19th-century market for the Jewish community.

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Opening Hours for the Amsterdam Jewish Quarter:

Daily from 11:00 to 17:00
Closed on: 27th of April, 3rd, 4th and 10th of October


Adult 25 Euros per person
Youth (13 to 17 years old) 15 Euros per person
Children (6 to 12 years old) 10 Euros per person
Guide per hour 75 Euros

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