About the Activity

Try something new and challenging – Amsterdam Fencing Workshop!

We are not in France but  Our Amsterdam Fencing Workshop will make you feel like a musketeer! Experienced or beginner, everyone can get swept up in the away with the Amsterdam Fencing Workshop.

Fencing is an exciting and demanding sport!

fencing workshopThis fencing workshop provides your group with a fencing expert to quickly introduce the ins and outs of this fascinating sport, that once was a lethal weapon. And there are quite a bit of ins and outs, as yourself as a well-padded and masked fighter, lunge to try to score and step back to defend.

You will initially start the workshop with a safety briefing. After you’ll learn about the history of fencing, how to hold the sword, and will then start learning fencing bladework and footwork. You’ll also learn attacking and defensive techniques in fencing.

Fencing only requires an ordinary level of fitness. It will help to improve your stamina, flexibility, fitness and concentration. It’s challenging, exciting, and great fun – so why not book today?

This type of workshop is suitable for everyone, but especially for those seeking a new type of sport that demands focus and flexibility. Fencing requires a clear mind and concentration. On the other hand, the game can end very soon, if you loose patience. However, this sport remains one of the most popular in Italy and in France. So, are you ready to put your sword up and win the battle?

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Please note:
  • We recommend booking this activity at least 24 hours in advance to avoid disappointment!
  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you to your departure point, including your voucher.


Professional fencing instructor
Safety briefing
Fencing gear and equipment

Duration: 2 hours
Starting time: Daily on request
Minimum Group Size: 10