About the Activity

Our Amsterdam Experts City Tour puts your day in the hands of a professional – join an absolute expert for a definitive Amsterdam Experience

Our Amsterdam Experts City Tour is the very best way to enjoy Amsterdam as a beginner.  Don’t worry about putting together your own itinerary – we’ll handle that for you.

Our Amsterdam Experts City Tour is a tour de force of what makes Amsterdam such a unique and exciting holiday destination.

The Amsterdam Experts City Tour is a result of collaboration between some of our best guides. Convinced that the routine tour experiences such as canal tours, cannabis tours, history tours, and other specifically focused guided events did not give an authentic Amsterdam experience, they combined their knowledge to produce the Amsterdam Experts City Tour – the Amsterdam tour guide’s ideal tour experience.

Amsterdam History Tour


We’re proud to present the results; a tour experience that pulls out every stop. We kick off by meeting you at a location of your choice at anytime before 14:00. From there our guide will take you to one of Amsterdam’s finest brunch restaurants for on of the best meals you’ve ever had.

Amsterdam bachelor party





Then our guide will take you over to one of Amsterdam’s top high-end coffeeshops, offering, in addition to the traditional marijuana and hashish, some of the best edible marijuana  products in the city – perfect for those of you who don’t smoke! Afterwards you’ll head down to a popular smokers bar on Rembrandtplein to sample your coffeeshop fare and enjoy a quick talk from our guide on the history of cannabis in Amsterdam. Not so interested? No problem! Our guides are experts on Amsterdam’s history and culture – if there is another aspect of the city you would prefer to hear about just let your guide know.

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Culture and History

Following a quiet drink and a perhaps a cheeky smoke on Rembrandtplein our guide will lead you over to the famous Waterlooplein market. Then, world famous De Wallen Red Light District! You’ll be heading for one of the highlights of the tour – a visit to an authentic Dutch liqueur distillery. And we will treat you to one free sample per person in your group.

Next the Multatuli Bridge! At this beautiful canal spot you’re group will stop to discuss Amsterdam’s history. Afterwards, our guide will take your group over to one of Amsterdam’s premier artisan chocolate shops. There we will treat you to a free sample and we will consider the history of cocoa. Then your tour will move on to its final destinations. First a stop at the maritime museum to discover the history of the Dutch East India company.  Here you see a spectacular replica Dutch Indiaman trade ship. And then on to Amsterdam’s very best independent brewery.  We’ll treat every person in your group to a craft beer and you’ll have the chance to ask your guide any questions you might have outstanding!

Amsterdam Experts City Tour

Our Amsterdam Experts City Tour is framed around the activities listed above, but this is first and foremost a bespoke experience – contact us to discuss how we can tailor this tour to be perfect for you. This is a comprehensive tour experience that aims to give you a taste of both the old and new in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Experts city tour can be taken on foot or by bike provided by us. Please stipulate your preference when booking!  The walking option will require some use of public transport.


Expert Tour Guide
Opening Meal in Rembrandt Square
Stop at high-end coffeeshop and guidance on product selection
Tea/Coffee at smokers bar on iconic Rembrandt Square
Walking tour through De Wallen (Red Light District)
Stop at unique Liqueur Distillery
History talk at historic Multatuli Bridge
Stop at premier artisan chocolate shop including sample
Walking tour to the maritime museum, including history talk on the Dutch East India Company
Final stop at a brewery including a free craft beer

Duration: 4.5 hours
Minimum Group Size: 4 people
Starting time: Daily on request