About the Activity

Our Amsterdam Custom Tour lets you build your own tour experience!

Amsterdam has such a huge variety of things to see and do that any single tour can’t hope to give you a taste of everything. Or maybe there is a particular part of the city or its culture you are interested in, but can’t find a tour that really focuses on it?  Either way, our Amsterdam Custom Tour will give you the unique Amsterdam experience you are looking for!

Our Amsterdam Custom Tour is all about showing you the best that Amsterdam has to offer you, as an individual. We  pair our Amsterdam Custom tour groups up with our most experienced guides. Each of these Amsterdam experts has a wealth of knowledge at their command, and the moment they join you it will be at yours too!

Amsterdam Custom Tour

Our Custom Tours are arranged around your specifications.  If you are familiar with the city you can name specific places you would like to visit, be they bars, museums,  coffeeshops or galleries.  But if your new to the city, or hoping to see something new, just tell us what you’d like your tour to look like!  Want to visit a coffeeshop and check out a games arcade? Want to see Amsterdam’s best independent breweries? Interested in a guided tour of Amsterdam’s best museums and galleries? Perhaps a particular part of Amsterdam’s history interests you, or maybe a particular citizen of Amsterdam has inspired you and you’d like to find out more about them? No problem! We can create a tour tailor made to your tastes and interests. And don’t feel like you have to pick one thing – we can mix and match, taking you from coffeeshops to museums and on to independent breweries and spectacular historic locations, all in one tour!

Join our Amsterdam Custom Tour for a really unique experience that will bring Amsterdam to life for you in a truly special way. We know that Amsterdam has so much to offer that there is something to suit everyone and with our Amsterdam Custom Tour we aim to prove it!


4 hour tour custom made to your specifications or suggestions
Expert Amsterdam Tour Guide

Duration: 4 hours
Minimum Group Size: 8
Starting time: Daily on request


Amsterdam Custom Tours are tailor made specifically for you – the price shown is a basic cost, which may increase depending on what you would like to do.  Contact us with what you’d like your tour to look like and let us give you a complete quote for your tour!