About the Activity

Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are world famous!

Amsterdam – the Capital of Cannabis! The Amsterdam coffeeshop is one of the most visited “attractions” in the city. An Amsterdam Coffeeshop Crawl is the best way to discover these unique Dutch venues.

Are you curious about what cannabis is all about? Join us on the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Crawl!

Amsterdam is world famous as the cannabis capital of the world. This lively tour will lead you around some of the city’s most popular coffeeshops. And you will be relaxing in unique venues. Discover more about the intriguing Dutch attitude towards recreational consumption with the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Crawl.

amsterdam coffeeshop

Our experienced guide will take you to  around the city and will explain aspects of cannabis. From its medicinal applications to its recreational consumption. As well as related local politics. And then your Amsterdam Coffeeshop Crawl guide will take you to the Cannabis College! Because here groups examine plant specimens and learn to distinguish between male and female plants.


A quintessential Amsterdam Experience, the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Crawl shouldn’t be missed!

Experience Amsterdam’s famous cannabis coffeeshops on this 3-hour walking amsterdam Coffeeshoptour and learn the story of the coffeeshops in the city center. And your guide will take you to at least two different coffeeshops and then the Cannabis College. On the way, the guide will show you some simple smoking games. Because everyone must be taught how to roll “Dutch style” – inside out! And lastly, the tour ends with a visit to a smoking friendly bar. Here you can grab a drink and enjoy some of the samples you have collected on the tour.

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Entrance to the Cannabis Museum
Visit 2 to 3 of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops
Optional: Smoking friendly bar
Rolling competition
Quiz to test your knowledge

Duration: 3 hours
Minimum Group Size: 6