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Amsterdam Canoeing – Day tour

Amsterdam Canoeing is one of our most popular outdoor activities. Visit the fascinating landscapes that inspired the famous Dutch painters.

Amsterdam is famous for its waterways, and our canoeing tour is a unique way to discover them!

Amsterdam CanoeingNot all waters are suitable for canoeing, as shifts in water level and fast moving currents require skill to traverse. However in the still waters of canals, lakes and rivers, canoeing requires only basic skills, and is an exciting and engaging way of travelling through Amsterdam’s canals and surrounding countryside! Our experienced guide will provide you with some training on your canoe, and then you’ll be off on a comprehensive tour of local waterways. Our guides are passionate about Amsterdam and its natural surroundings, and love to share that passion with visitors!

Amsterdam is an ideal environment for canoeing!

What better place than Amsterdam? The city has over 100km of canals, and the canal ring was named on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. Not to mention that Amsterdam has over 1,500 bridges and over 90 islands, which creates a beautiful and peaceful image for the city. For this reason, Amsterdam is also nicknamed Venice of the North.  Amsterdam is surrounded by a wide range of water routes. You can leave the city behind and take the route straight into nature. The small villages near Amsterdam are a perfect area for to stop for a with your family or friends.

Our canoeing tour will show you the many sides of life on Amsterdam’s waterways

Our canoeing tour will show you the incredible natural surroundings of Amsterdam, as your guide explains how the nature pressures of the wet lands have effected the development of the city. You will pass through secluded natural landscapes that have not changed since the 17th century, discovering the beautiful wildlife and picturesque villages along the way. Your guide will lead you through reed lands and quake moors, and will tell you more about the wildlife and the origin of the surroundings and landscapes.

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  • We recomend booking this activity 24 hours in advance.
  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you to your activity, including your voucher.


3 hour canoeing around Amsterdamse Bos

Please, make sure to bring adequate clothing and keep your personal belongings safe; we are not be responsible for this.


Maximum capacity for a group is 10 persons
Children must be at least 7 years old

Duration: 3 hours
Starting time:

Monday – Friday from 9.30am
Saturday – Sunday from 10am


Canoeing in Amsterdam will only operate from the 15th of April till the 25th of September.

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