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Visit an original Amsterdam Canal House to see how Amsterdam’s wealthiest citizens lived in the late 19th century!

Visit this beautifully preserved Amsterdam Canal House Museum.  This is a pristine 17th century city palace, preserved since 1895.

Visit an original Amsterdam Canal House!

Amsterdam is famous for its townhouses that have inspired urban architecture all over the world.  Amsterdam’s archetypal town houses first appeared in the 17th century.  During the Dutch Golden Age wealth flooded into the city and many of the richest citizens built beautiful private palace’s.  This is a spectacular double canal sided town house.  It was left to the city of Amsterdam in 1895, along with its contents and artworks.

On the first and second floor you will be able to explore the lavish ballroom and dining room

The house also holds decadent lounges and a spectacular garden room. This is the perfect way to discover just how luxurious life was for the wealthiest Amsterdammers were during the height of the city’s power.  See the incredible luxury of the Dutch Golden Age!

Just as fascinating is the chance to see how the other side lived.  in the servants quarters you can learn what life was like for Amsterdam’s less fortunate citizens.  Discover the day to day life of the staff of an Amsterdam city palace!

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30 minute tour of specially preserved 17th century private city palace.

Duration: 30 minutes


Herengracht 386, 1016 CJ AMSTERDAM