About the Activity

The best ride in town gets even better! Fun Amsterdam proudly presents the Amsterdam Beer Bike Bar Crawl!

The best of both worlds! Ride a bike with 20 litres of beer AND stop by two awesome pubs, only with our Amsterdam Beer Bike Bar Crawl!

The Amsterdam Beer Bike is undoubtedly the most awesome way to travel in the city!

How do you make a trip on the beer bike even more awesome? Ride it to two of Amsterdam’s best bars! Try Beer Bike Bar Crawl in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Beer Bike Bar Crawl


With Beer Bike Bar Crawl you’ll get to experience the beauty of Amsterdam while siting behind the bar of your own beer bike. But one bar is never enough, right? So we’ll stop off at two bars (that don’t have wheels) and get you acquainted with Amsterdam’s bustling bar scene.

Our BOB (Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder, i.e. conscious sober driver) guarantees safe and responsible beer-cycling. With him you’ll safely explore the city on the Amsterdam beer bike. This is a unique way of exploring parts of Amsterdam and having fun. The Amsterdam beer bike is mainly used for festive events such as company outings or bachelor events.

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If you don’t like beer, don’t worry. For the ladies we have some fine bubbly.


Bike Rental
20 litres of beer or 16 bottles of bubbly (or mix of both)
Room up to 17 persons
Driver/ Guide
Wind and rain protection
Guaranteed good times
Stop at 2 bars

Please note that the remaining drinks at the end of the tour cannot be handed over to the group. 

Duration: 1.5 hours
Starting time: Daily on request
Minimum Group Size: 1 (Shared Bike) 6 (Private Bike) 
Starting locations: Piet Heinkade / IjDock

Please note that you cannot choose your departure location. This will be assigned by your booking agent.