About the Activity

Ahh the 70s – the music, the fashion, the sequins!  Relive it all with our Amsterdam 70s Party!

Our Amsterdam 70s Party night will bring you all the most awesome parts of one of the best decades of the Twentieth Century!  

Forty years on and the 70s are still synonymous with all that is cool

Let us throw you an awesome themed party featuring all the things you love the most about this amazing decade!  Get ready to disco like never before as we take you back with all the best hits of the 70s, one of the best decades for music ever!

No one could forget the classic hits of the 70s!

The center piece to our fanstastic Amsterdam 70s night is phenomenal live music act!  The music of the 70s is timeless – a spellbinding collection  of chart breaking hits.  These were the times of true soul, stage shaking rock and roll and the birth of DISCO!

Join Mr. Disco for a trip down memory lane, to the days when music was real and inimitable!

The awesome party host Mr. Disco will treat you to a live act that will give you a chance to sing along to all the greatest hits of the greatest decade of music.  Purchase our upgraded package and enjoy the Blues Brothers 30 minute sing along act, full of easy to sing to songs that we all know and love!

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  • We recommend booking this activity 24 hours in advance.
  • Please bring all relevant documentation with you to your activity, including your voucher.
  • Please not that price excludes delivery, set up and dismantling costs – please inquire with us as to cost for these services.


Multiple packages available:

Basic Amsterdam 70s Party:
One artist
Basic Amsterdam 70s Party:
Two Artists
Deluxe Amsterdam 70s Party:
2 Artists, DVD monitor
Optional extras:
Lighted Dance floor

Duration:  Depending
Location: Of your choosing
Minimum Group Size: N/A