In the cold, short, dark days that are winter in the Netherlands, we could all use a little light in our lives. Amsterdam Light Festival illuminates the city draping its canals, houses and bridges in lights for 53 days transforming the city into a beautiful luminous piece of artwork.

In collaboration with several international and native artists, light sculptures, projections and installations will bring the city to life and change the face of Amsterdam during one of the gloomiest times of year. There are two ways of seeing the light festival, ‘Water Colours’ takes you through on a boat tour while ‘Illuminade’ allows you to see the festival on foot.

light festival Artist: Géraud Périole, image Janus van den Eijnden

A fantastic way of experiencing the light festival is by boat of course, with many companies providing their own special tours including Canal Company, Blue Boat Company, Rock That Boat and more. Prices range from €19 to €40 and often include a meal and/or drinks. Water Colours takes visitors through the Amsterdam canals passing by artworks and light instalments.

amsterdam light2Artist: Aether & Hemera, image Janus van den Eijnden

Illuminade is a walking tour that takes you through the city centre and visits some of the most inspiring light installations and artworks by talented contemporary artists. Projections onto historical buildings and installations on the street and in parks are just some of the exciting pieces that are on display.

Amsterdam Light Festival is a wonderful initiative created by Henk Jan Buchel, Vincent Horback, Felix Guttmann, Rogier van der Heiden and more, that makes those cold winter nights just that much easier to bear when you’re surrounded by the warm glow of a luminous fairy-tale version of Amsterdam.

This third edition of Amsterdam Light Festival will take place from the 27th of November till the 18th of January next year. For more information visit the website at

Watercolours: 27th November – 18th January

Illuminade: 11th December – 4th January

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