Amsterdam is a word I hear a lot, especially amidst the twenty something’s, but why, I ask, is it Amsterdam that is attracting everyone.

Considerations of value for money, localities and temptations of activities otherwise seen as illicit are taken into account, amongst many other reasons for going to this lovely part of the world. So again, I am asking why is it that we all, at one point or another, get a calling to Amsterdam in our life’s? Could it be that Amsterdam offers a diverse plate to be served just how you want it? When I see Amsterdam, I think variety and freedom.

When trying to accumulate 18 reasons to go to Amsterdam, I must admit, I did struggle. This was only because I had 100 reasons at hand, and to choose but 18 was a picky task, and though difficult it was, I now have my list.

Amsterdam is steeped in cultural history, you may visit such museums as The New Rijks museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Hermitage Museum. Wherever you look you’ll see 17th and 18th century architecture, you can venture into the oldest area of Amsterdam known as De Wallen (The Quays) for more of this. Even the canals are 17th century.

Then you have the legendary nightlife of Amsterdam known quite popularly by rest of the world. Amongst the many, many clubs you will find the most condensed venues in areas Leidseplein Main and Rembrandtpein, you may also wander over to the Red Light District and Spu for more options of scattered clubs. For more chilled out bars you might want to hit Jordan.

Festivals is a word well known in Amsterdam, this is not surprising as they hold a spectacular 300 festivals a year catering for all tastes and genres and not just restricted to music festivals, you may find yourself celebrating art, flowers, pregnancy, poetry. The music festivals that are held tend to attract world famous DJ’s, such festivals as Dance Valley and Sensation.

The shops, so many shops! Guys I warn you, if your taking your girlfriend, expect to be master bag holder whilst she manically tries to see everything available before the sun goes down. There’s exclusive boutiques to antiques in areas such as De Nean Straatjes (The Nine Streets), De Bijenkord (department store overlooking Dam Square), The P.C Hooftstraat where you’ll find brands such as Chanel, Louis Vutton, DKNY, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, all this is quite literally the tip of the iceberg for any shopper.

The beers in Amsterdam are easily available and offered in huge demand and variety. You would find breweries like Brouwerij’s Ij, a really atmospheric pub would be ‘t Arendsnest who sell a titanic 150 different types of seasonal and regular bottled Beer, with an impressive 15 on draft. Their honourable policy is that they only sell Dutch Beer, with at least one from each of the 52 Breweries in Holland; it’s the place to beer if you’re a beer thirsty tourist.

Amsterdam light Festival is an annual event that lights up the cities famous canals with beautiful light art. The Amsterdam light festival is a truly unforgettable experience, we advice to book a boat tour for the best perspective.

This city is green and eco friendly, this just ties the knot for me, anywhere as eco friendly, as Amsterdam must be a good place to visit purely on the feel of the atmosphere provided by the locals, as I have found an eco friendly environment equals a happy home, a happy local.

The Red Light District is a name that people think of when you say Amsterdam, its famous for many reasons, the main of that being prostitution, however the red light district like I said has even more to offer lie peep shows, brothels, sex shops, sex museums and is definitely worth a visit just for the experiences available to you, if you are obviously old enough for this form of entertainment.

Amsterdam has been named in the top 15 safest cities in the world, which is something I would greatly take into consideration when thinking on visiting a county. You can escape hear with piece of mind which allows more room for having fun.

Those were favourite reasons for going to Amsterdam, but the list does not stop their, a brief mention of these are like how there’s plenty of flea markets for the adventurous shopper. Amsterdam is beautifully picturesque in so many different ways as you visit area to area, though the atmosphere remains the same.

Amsterdam’s cheese is legendary and worth the sample, conveniently the city of Amsterdam is English speaking, which means that communication will be easy and natural.

This country is Family friendly, even though you may initially be deterred because of drug use and other such activities, you would be surprised. There are many things for families to do and that they can do together,

Amsterdam has been voted to have the best Gay Pride, You have seen Brighton, you know how good they get, do I need say more. Cycling in Amsterdam, its fun, keeps you fit, is the norm, the most popular form of transportation, and its more communal then you’d think as you become a member of the cycling community, though a downside is for walkers, you must keep very aware as to not walk in the path of a cycle, it is not nice to be knocked over so eyes peeled if your on foot. The Canal Cruise, for lazy and leisurely sightseeing, for beauty and romance, I highly recommend booking in on this as its also a good way to see the city and get around

The Vondel Park, an expansive, 19th-century urban park with a playground, ponds & an open-air theatre, another “do not miss out on” mainly for all nature lovers, though I would advise everyone that visits the city, to visit the Park.

As you have read, Amsterdam boasts many attractions, but the most impressive thing to me is that the variety of things to do and see means that Amsterdam can be a family holiday, a cultural holiday, a hen/stag holiday, an educational holiday, a holiday for experiences, a shopping holiday, well I think you get the gist. Whatever it is your looking for, I’m sure you’ll find it in Amsterdam.